BCM 215

Peer Feedback – Week 11

By reading another’s Beta presentation and giving feedback to my peers, I hoped to help him improve next time. I also gained new ideas for inclusions to augment my own work. 

Using Richard Liu’s Beta as an example, (his blog is posted as a link below), we both used ‘WordPress’ to create our blogs, but his work looks unique and thus more interesting as he departed from the usual colour combinations for background and written text and changed the blog’s background colour to purple with white print to make his post stand out. This different colour combination or something like it, is something I would consider using for my future blog, as it attracts the audience’s attention, but is also easy to read.

He also used intext links, (coloured pink to make them stand out from the general text), which if the audience choose to access these, helps them easily retrieve the resources used in the creation of his work. Thus, they can read and understand more about his subject matter. This is a great idea and something that I will consider using in my future work.

By giving feedback to my peer, I learned that it is important to have good audio-visual presentation skills, especially clear, understandable and expressive speech. The voice must communicate interest to the audience and through its pitch and tone, engage the listener in the subject matter. This is especially so when there are long spoken passages with the same background image on the screen and fewer dot points.

It’s also important to have attention-grabbing images and enough subheading and point form to incorporate with the voice-over. As I mentioned in my Beta, most of us, (Gen Zers), are visual learners, so we need images to help us focus on the topic; like screenshots of comments, photos of examples related to the topic and graphics of the analytical framework. These will help the audience understand and retain the information better. 

Finally, it is necessary to follow the assessment criteria if you are to produce work of a reasonable to sophisticated standard. It is necessary to include the required content, in the appropriate format, so that the tutor/marker can discern your understanding of the subject matter and that you are meeting the requisite standards.  

I try to cover all the points in the assessment criteria, to learn as much as possible, and to improve my work and grade.

Here is Richard’s Beta blog post:

2 thoughts on “BCM 215

  1. Hi Adrian! I think this is a great idea! I like the way you have included a podcast in your pitch video, it allows the reader to see what you are going to produce. The way you have formatted your post is very clear and concise. Your video is also very eye catching with images that match what is being said. The sources you have linked seem to be very useful for your topic. The only note I have for you is to have a think about what your analytical frame is, and implement it for the beta. It will help you with your research process. Otherwise I think your pitch is very good and I am excited to see how your project goes.


  2. Hi! I was a little confused as to which post was your actual pitch, the use of categories or something on your blog might help your audience to navigate through your posts a little easier. I liked how creative and detailed your video was and how you are planning an inclusive DA Project. I also think it is incredibly relevant how you have included COVID-19 in your post and isolation. I do enjoy all the statistics that you have placed in your post although I think maybe you could have provided a visual image or something to show a detailed explanation of the timeline of your project. I’m excited to see this project develop!


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