BCM 215


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, (MK8D), was not the subject of my pitch. I was originally going to create a DA entitled ‘Kitchen IRL’, by taking recipes from cooking games like ‘Cooking Mama’, developing these for real life use and posting them on Instagram. However, shopping, preparing, filming, editing and adding the voice-over meant it took many hours to produce just one segment. I share a communal kitchen in uni accommodation and filming undisturbed proved very difficult. Also, my approach to this topic did not relate well to any of the analytical frameworks discussed in the lectures, so I decided to abandon this project. 
I recently bought a Nintendo Switch and the video game MK8D and decided to make this the subject of my DA. I’ve been playing MK8D and analysing it according to Raessen’s analytical framework of Connectivity, Multimediality, Virtuality and Interactivity. I’ve been making posts to demonstrate my understanding of this framework as it relates to MK8D. I’m posting my findings and trying to build a relationship with my audience by encouraging them to play MK8D. I use hashtags to attract a new audience to follow my account and expand my media niche.
My research has revealed that the four aspects of Raessen’s framework are interrelated. ‘Connectivity’ means the game links players via the internet. This also involves the ‘connection’ of multi-media elements, (‘Multimediality’), like images, animation, music, sound effects and text which help create the experience of ‘Virtuality’ – immersing the player in the Mario game world. ‘Interactivity’ describes the experience (‘connection’) between the player and the game. This interrelationship between Raessens’ framework and examples from MK8D will be further explored in the DA and report.
I sent my posts to some friends and have received mostly positive feedback. They said the posts are interesting and easy to understand, even though some have never played MK8D. Those who have said my content relates to their own gaming experience. My friends also provided some suggestions to improve my posts; like including more photos, instead of just one. This should make the posts more interesting and attract a greater following.
Here is the link to my Instagram account: adrian_luvs_mario

Raessens, J. (2005). Computer games as participatory media culture. In J. Raessens & J. Goldstein (Eds.), Handbook of computer game studies (pp. 373-388). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

2 thoughts on “BCM 215

  1. Hi Adrian! I think this is a great idea! I like the way you have included a podcast in your pitch video, it allows the reader to see what you are going to produce. The way you have formatted your post is very clear and concise. Your video is also very eye catching with images that match what is being said. The sources you have linked seem to be very useful for your topic. The only note I have for you is to have a think about what your analytical frame is, and implement it for the beta. It will help you with your research process. Otherwise I think your pitch is very good and I am excited to see how your project goes.


  2. Hi! I was a little confused as to which post was your actual pitch, the use of categories or something on your blog might help your audience to navigate through your posts a little easier. I liked how creative and detailed your video was and how you are planning an inclusive DA Project. I also think it is incredibly relevant how you have included COVID-19 in your post and isolation. I do enjoy all the statistics that you have placed in your post although I think maybe you could have provided a visual image or something to show a detailed explanation of the timeline of your project. I’m excited to see this project develop!


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