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Sick of lockdown? 
And cooking three boring meals a day?
Covid seems never-ending. Aunty Glad has put Greater Sydney under ‘house arrest’ for 2 long months. Now NSW is under a week’s hard lockdown. I’ve almost run out of facemasks from the large box my mother sent me from Hong Kong! 
It’s hard to look on the bright side. We need new, interesting activities to beat the boredom and depression of isolation.
Like cooking! Cooking for better health and nutrition, is one way to beat the blues and reward yourself with a delicious meal.
Like many uni students I’m into quick and easy takeaways. But too much fast food is bad. With limited exercise, you can gain weight quickly. This could be hard to shift when this cruel, Covid world is over. 
We’re becoming fatter and less healthy. HealthStats NSW confirms that in 2019, 59% of adult males and 53% of adult females were overweight. 
Don’t become another statistic! Beat ‘the battle of the bulge!’ 
Check out my Instagram page, ‘Cook on the Bright Side’, for ideas on easy, slimming, tasty dishes.
I’ll upload photos, list the ingredients and explain the method. This way, you’ll make delicious, healthy meals.
I’ll post frequently so you can increase your cooking repertoire. Your poor taste buds will never have to put up with the same dull takeaways and boring homemade meals again!
Cooking can bring families together. It’s also fun when you’re alone.
Hopefully, lockdown will end soon. Meanwhile, look and, ‘Cook on the Bright Side!’

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