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BCM 215

“Game Changers” Podcast Part 1
– Week 2 BP

Game Changers Podcast

Jack: Hi, I’m Jack Daniels. You’re listening to ‘Game Changers’, the podcast for electronic gamers. Our guest is Dr Adrian Lam, a Sociology lecturer specialising in electronic gaming.  He’s here to talk about Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas. Welcome, Dr Lam. 
Dr Lam: Thanks for inviting me on the show Jack. 
Jack: So, Dr Lam, tell us about San Andreas 
Dr Lam: GTA San Andreas – Rockstar’s seventh in the series – was released in 2004. It was a big hit. By 2011 it had sold 28 million copies across all platforms. It was available on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox.
Jack: What’s San Andreas about?
Dr Lam: The story centres on Carl Johnson, an ex-gang banger framed by corrupt police for killing a cop. He’s forced back into his gangster life. He goes on an action-adventure across San Andreas. He wants to solve his mother’s murder and clear his name. 

Jack: Sounds like quite a ride!
Dr Lam: Sure is. The plot is based on the crack epidemic and gang wars in Los Angeles in the early ‘90’s. It’s also based on the police corruption and race riots that took place there.

Jack: What about the gameplay and technology?
Dr Lam: San Andreas is 12 hours long and features RPG – role-playing game mechanics. It’s set in an open world environment. Players can interact with and explore this at their leisure. There’s plenty of action. Characters run, fight, shoot and hide. They can drive many different vehicles – fast of course.
Jack: How about action control and graphic design quality? 
Dr Lam: PlayStation and Xbox players use a controller. Microsoft Windows players use their device keyboards. The graphic quality is good given the technology back then.
Jack: It sounds interesting, is there anything you don’t like about the game? 
Dr Lam: The game is all about crime: dangerous driving, drug dealing, gang and gun violence. There’s offensive language and racial stereotypes. Women are portrayed as sex objects.  
However, on the positive side, San Andreas shows the gang members’ human side – their friendships and goals.
 If you’re over 21 San Andreas is definitely worth a try.
Jack: Thank you, Dr Lam, for sharing your experience.
Dr Lam: My pleasure Jack.

2 thoughts on “BCM 215

  1. Hi Adrian! I think this is a great idea! I like the way you have included a podcast in your pitch video, it allows the reader to see what you are going to produce. The way you have formatted your post is very clear and concise. Your video is also very eye catching with images that match what is being said. The sources you have linked seem to be very useful for your topic. The only note I have for you is to have a think about what your analytical frame is, and implement it for the beta. It will help you with your research process. Otherwise I think your pitch is very good and I am excited to see how your project goes.


  2. Hi! I was a little confused as to which post was your actual pitch, the use of categories or something on your blog might help your audience to navigate through your posts a little easier. I liked how creative and detailed your video was and how you are planning an inclusive DA Project. I also think it is incredibly relevant how you have included COVID-19 in your post and isolation. I do enjoy all the statistics that you have placed in your post although I think maybe you could have provided a visual image or something to show a detailed explanation of the timeline of your project. I’m excited to see this project develop!


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