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BCM 241

TikTok Car Enthusiasts Listen Up!
– Wk 2

Hi, I’m Adrian Lam. I’m 20 and I’m a UOW student from Hong Kong.

What do I do for social media interest?
I watch TikTok a lot, coz it has short, attention-grabbing videos!

What kind of videos do I watch?
Anything about cars. Cars are my passion. I watch videos about vehicle customising. in my opinion, decorating a car to suit your purpose and taste is pure art. Race car dash-cam footage is for total car nuts. And even auto detailing videos for me are a true labour of love!

Do I drive?
Nah, I’m a baby driver – I’m learning. I started on my L’s at 19 in the busy streets of Hong Kong. A year later I’m back behind the wheel, practising on the roads of more relaxed Wollongong.

What’s the difference between learner driving in HK and NSW?
In HK a learner can’t drive over 70 kms/h coz it is quite easy to take down a quarter of the population if you speed and lose control of your car. Only approved driving instructors can teach learners. You can sit for your P’s after 8 months on L’s, with only 30 practise hours.

NSW learner drivers can drive up to 90 kms/h – but must complete 120 practise hours over one year. You don’t need a driving instructor. A ‘one year fully licenced driver’ can ride shotgun with you.

Both countries have zero alcohol laws for leaner drivers.

Is it better being a learner driver here or in HK? 
Here definitely. Cars can be lethal weapons. Fast and furious driving can unleash hell on wheels. A learner needs long hours of supervised practise to develop safer skills; like taking evasive action to avoid accidents and to control your inner speed demon.

I’ve done over 100 practise hours and I record them in the required logbook. However, some learner drivers fake their logbooks to get their P’s earlier. 

What are the implications of this? 
If this is you – you are endangering yourself, your passengers and everyone on the road. Remember practise makes perfect – and better drivers! 
So, make it – don’t fake it! 

This is Adrian (Baby Driver) Lam.
Love your car – and safe driving!

3 thoughts on “BCM 241

  1. Hey really liked the idea of your digital artefact. I think you have done a great job in being vey clear in your timeline of production for this digital artefact. You didn’t include much in your plan on how you plan on completing the ethnographic part of your digital artefact. Would suggest to be more clear on that moving forward, I do like how you included a lot of links regarding the topic. Overall I’m very excited to see the future of this DA.


  2. Hey Adrian, The concept of cooking to bring people together is brilliant and definitely needed during these times. The video you have created provides a great overview of Cooking on the bright side and the need for it. When looking over the blog I have a couple of things that you might want to incorporate as you go along these include:

    Linking to the statistics you have used in your blog post. This allows people to visit the post and get an updated message keeping the post relevant and useful for individuals looking.

    Next is linking to your media niche and Feild site post in order to show the scope of your ethnographical research.

    On the topic of ethnographical research, you haven’t particularly referenced how this fits into your ethnographical research, such as the frameworks you are using and how you will be interacting with your media niche in relation to ethnography. This could be a key thing you can add in the following posts you are making.

    I have also done some exploring into your topic and I believe you could benefit from exploring this blog post that covers many recipes and Instagram accounts related to your topic. here

    Overall I am excited to see the progression of cooking on the Brightside. All the best with it and I will be watching regularly to see what you come up with.


  3. Hi Adrian, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your beta presentation and learning about what you have done so far. Changing your digital artefact mid way through the semester can be a scary thing to do but I think you have made a good decision as I could hear the enthusiasm when you were talking about your new DA about e waste. I enjoyed how you described your ideal target demographic in detail as knowing who exactly your target audience allows you to conduct clear and precise auto-ethnographic research on your niche. I found that you incorporated your peer comment as well as your understanding of the lecture materials effectively as you gave a couple of examples of how your peer comments and lecture material made you think about what you could do to improve DA. The use of hashtags in your Instagram page is great as well as it is allowing your niche to view your content.

    However, I did find reading through your blog post having watched your presentation that it was a bit repetitive as you had already mentioned the ‘6 Steps to Build a Good DA’ in your presentation. I think perhaps you could have mentioned some different readings from the lecture material possibly including how you incorporated some analytical framework techniques as this would have improved the professionalism of your post. Although you gave a brief explanation of the types of content you have been posting I feel as though you need to define your persona a bit clearer. One other thing I would add to your blog post would be tags as they can invite a larger audience to view your content which can ultimately lead to more engagement on your Instagram page. Overall I really enjoyed watching your presentation. Good luck with the rest of the digital artefact!


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