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BCM 115

Favourite Movie

Favourite Movie
The Fast & Furious films are one of my favourite movie series and the poster of the Fast & Furious 8 film is my favourite promotional poster because I love its visual design features. The designer has separated the main characters into 2 opposing sides; the group on the right are the protagonists who try to save the city and the group on the left are the antagonists who try to control all the cars and destroy the city. The scenes visible at the back of the poster are the most interesting and highlight climax  scenes from the movie where one of the opposers return to the protagonists team and save his teammates. I also like how the designer has created a translucent F8 title behind the main characters to represent the films title Fast & Furious 8.


Assignment 1 – Remoscope

For my remoscope I chose to focus on my identity such as, where I am from and what my hobbies are. I begin the video writing the word ‘Hong Kong’ in both Chinese characters and English. I then filmed some Chinese food which I often eat, and it also shows aspects of Chinese culture. After this, I chose to film about the game Mahjong which I play with my family during the holidays. I then filmed the wheel of my bike and my basketball because they are my two biggest hobbies. There were several influences when I began planning my film. The biggest problem is that I am currently living in Australia so I couldn’t film any shots in Hong Kong such as any street views or cultural artefacts.

Week 5

Exercise 1

When I sit down for 1 mins, I can hear:
– Cars
– People Talking
– Fan
– Motorbikes
– Buses

Exercise 2

16/4 3:54pm My Bedoom Window
23/4 12:08pm My Bedroom Window

Exercise 3

• Types of sounds: 
The orchestra played an important role in the trailer because it creates a feeling of fear which reflects the horror genre of the film. 
• Structure of edits:
They music followed a crescendo because it begun very quietly at the beginning and became louder and louder till the end 
which makes the audience get nervous and excited to find out about what will happen next.
• Editing pattern:
The shot that shows the twins dead keeps flashing on an and off the screen while they are talking.
• What kind of images conjured up in your mind?
The horror movie Annabelle.

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